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Music for life


We make uplifting dance-pop music for positivity, celebrating life and coming together. 

Hit "play" to have Ectophonic lift your mood, get you dancing and maybe fill that brief for your film, TV or commercial project.

We love the sunshine, nature, smiling faces, we love community and good times. 


Our music draws on funk, disco, edm, and we aim to bring those vibes to our songs, working with great producers and vocalists who bring that spirit to life! 

The EP // Ectophonic

Four brand new tracks for 2021! In the face of all this weirdness, some positive vibes. The EP is comprised of Our Imagination, Anything You Wanna Be, Riding High and Brand New Day, this last one featuring the fabulous Tabitha Fair on lead vocals. 

Let us know what you think!  We'd love to hear from you.


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